About Us

BEAM and BeamVault's founders come from diverse backgrounds spanning financial services, healthcare, technology, and security. We recognized that in too many instances company leaders are not aware of the complexity of securing information or the proper way to accomplish it. Our solution includes easy access from anywhere, making it viable from any company office or other location. From the personal side of our lives we found that people have many documents and memories that would benefit from secure storage. Beam-Vault was founded to offer a solution to these business and personal challenges through the use of stringent security and notable performance. A simple user interface helps business users organize their most important documents and personal users organize their important papers and memories.


Our services meet the needs of companies in every industry. Our Vault implementation incorporates the strictest privacy requirements so that our solution meets financial services and healthcare requirements. Knowing the quality of our Vault allows companies and families to feel comfortable using the BeamVault storage system.


All with easy access from anywhere at any time.