What We Do
For Disasters

As natural disasters are increasing, experts say that a little planning can go a long way.


In the case of a disaster, we often times find that we have stored things in many different places - the bank, home office, file cabinet, box in the attic, box in a storage unit. Do you even know where your important information is stored?


With BeamVault, all your information is stored in a single place. We deliver peace of mind while protecting your most important information. Our user interface makes everything secure and easy to find and access anytime from anywhere.

What if all of a sudden you had to evacuate, or your home or business was damaged or destroyed, would all your important documents and memories be gone?

How do you even begin to find all your important information in an emergency? And what if they are gone forever?

If someone steals your identity, or medical identity, will you have access to the documents necessary to prove you are you?

For Businesses

Company strategy, personnel files, customer lists are critical to the viability of the business. Any of these getting out can be devastating and irreversible . The cost of a cyber breach is high, in cost to repair, and reputational cost.


Storing sensitive information in BeamVault provides a high degree of protection. We know that businesses are based upon trust and we help you build trust by protecting your customer’s sensitive information.


BeamVault uses state of the art encryption to protect your information yet have it remain available anytime, anywhere. And provides a simple to use interface making storage and retrieval simple.

For a business, will you have access to customer contact information, succession plans, personnel and payroll files, vendor contacts, and other information necessary to keep the business open?

Have you been able to find important documents regarding your business in an emergency? What if they are gone forever?

For Families

We all want to do what we can to protect our family. As time goes on, we acquire a wide range of memories and important records for various family members that need to be organized and secure.


Things like medical records, awards, passports, and wills all need to be stored safely but be easily accessible from anywhere. If a passport is lost or stolen while traveling, you can easily look up a copy in your portal. Knowing credit card numbers is important to stopping them if lost or stolen. The same for all the other documents.


The intuitive user interface makes it easy for anyone in your family to navigate. At BeamVault, we help you keep your family’s important things safe, secure and available.

What if you needed your children’s medical records while on vacation?

What if something happens to your pet while you are at work and a neighbor needs access to important documents?